Travel Insurance 60c

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  1. Parasite Removal Support
  2. Lessen the chance of developing Dengue Fever
  3. Digestion Support
  4. For Maximum protection, Travel Insurance should be taken with Candida Protect.
  • Pumpkin seed extract
  • Barberry root & bark
  • Sweet Wormwood aerial
  • Gentian root
  • Oregon grape root extract
  • Ginger extract
  • Goldenseal root
  • Bromelain stem
  • Peptidase
Free Of
Gluten, animal ingredients, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.

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Travel Insurance is the ideal formula for those who are travelling abroad to areas where parasites and mosquito-born illnesses are common. This blend of herbs, herbal extracts and proteolytic enzymes have many scientific studies proving their ability to support the immune system and gut function in the face of exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. These herbs make the gut more uninhabitable for parasites and bacteria.

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16 reviews for Travel Insurance 60c

  1. Julia Ruggiero

    The last time my husband and I went to Mexico we had stomach issues the whole time. We heard great things about this product so we decided to take this product before and during our 2nd trip back to Mexico and my husband and I had absolutely no issues whatsoever this trip… In fact we felt great.

  2. Ily h.

    Hello. This is my story of using The Healthy Melissa’s travel insurance.
    First, I would like to give some background in who I am. I am in the process of being licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I have 2 Bachelor’s Degrees; one in Dietetics and Nutrition and one in Health Sciences. I have a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and am currently working on research in my Doctorate Degree.
    In 2016, I traveled to China without the aide of supplements. While I was there, I got very sick for the majority of the time i was visiting. The reason was because whenever a person travels to another country, there is bacteria in these places that our bodies are not familiar with. When we come in contact with them, we tend to get sick, unless our immune systems are very strong and able to fight off the foreign invader. Also, a point of concern when traveling is, many other countries are allowed a higher E.Coli count in their food in comparison to America.
    In 2017 I once again traveled to China equipped with my ‘Travel Insurance’.
    In the first month of travel, I did not get sick. I was traveling all around the country and coming in contact with many pathogens as well as air pollutants which are sure to weaken the immune system.
    I did not get sick one time.
    It was not until I actually ran out of the travel insurance that my body started to have a hard time fighting off sickness. But even then, by going through the many reactions our bodies go through to develop our immune systems, with the support of travel insurance, my body was strengthened enough to not let me get to weakened state.
    I will ALWAYS use travel insurance in my journeys around the world.

  3. Mileva

    I took both the Candida Protect and Travel Insurance for 2 weeks and it actually cleared up pimples on my face. I would always break out on my forehead and cheeks, and the pimples would just stay for EVER it seemed like. Pretty amazed!!

  4. SHEILA (verified owner)

    Hello there!
    I know I should have done this earlier this year but anyway…Its never late, right?
    I just wanted to say that last year my husband and I got this product and we had some issues with the shipping as we live in the Uk, but Melissa got in contact with us so fast and help us to solve the issue right away! My husband and I were very happy with the product as it didn’t irritate my husband’s stomach at all and we will definitely be ordering more soon.
    I just wanted to say Thank you Melissa for your help and hard work, I love reading all the interesting things you post to make an awareness on people’s lives and also to let people know that when purchasing with her: You are in good hands!
    Thanks again! 🙂 xxx

    • Melissa Mullin

      Hi Sheila, thank you so much for your feedback!

  5. Silvia smith

    I can give personal testimony of these amazing supplements. I got them before traveling to the Philippines last year and they kept me healthy, my immune system was strong and didn’t get sick at all. I highly recommend these supplements!

  6. Judit sohr

    We have traveled on 3 domestic trips back-and-forth from Florida to Arizona. My husband and I have taken the Candida Protect and Travel Insurance supplements before, during and after our trips. We have not gotten sick, have not felt the effects of jet lag, time changes or had any negative effects from exposure to so many people, germs and less than sanitary environments. Each time we have traveled we have felt healthy and well. Highly recommend these products.

  7. KG (verified owner)

    I travel overseas monthly and I do not get on the plane without Melissa’s Travel Insurance and Candida Protect. I no longer struggle with horrendous jet lag, my digestive system works a lot better and no more yeast infections. Very grateful to Melissa!

  8. Leah (verified owner)

    I took both Travel Insurance and Candida Protect for a several week cruise. The recommended dose is 2 pills of both supplements, twice per day. I am not good with taking pills, so I only took 1 capsule of each twice per day and I didn’t get sick or constipated (which is common when traveling). Worked great for me!

  9. Clay

    I traveled to Switzerland and France for a few weeks and I took both the Candida Protect & Trav Insurance – I believe they worked well as I didn’t get sick or anything.

  10. Ann VanWagner

    I recently traveled to Morrocco with my husband and was worried about bacteria and stomach issues. We both took the Travel Insurance and the Candida Protect twice a day. There were no side effects and we both remained healthy for the entire trip. I am traveling to Indonesia soon and will definitely be using this product again.

  11. Clarence wilson

    Thank you for recommending these products. My wife and I recently took an overseas tours and we were concerned with the water and food that we would be taking in. We have taken the travel supplements on each of our getaways and returned healthy we feel due to this product. Someone we were traveling with in Thailand got very sick and we did not, so that was proof for us!

  12. Penny

    Thank you so much for recommending Travel insurance supplements while my niece went to the Amazon. She reported feeling healthy the whole time and thanks you so much! We highly recommend taking this!! Way to go Melissa! Your knowledge and care is so appreciated!

  13. Maria (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved Travel Insurance! It really helped me so much on my trip! I didn´t get sick at all, even when those around me di. I will be ordering more soon!

  14. Dr. Natalie Koulouvaris (verified owner)

    I took Travel Insurance and Candida Protect to South Africa for a few weeks, It went great! However, my luggage wasn’t accessible always so I missed a few days here and there. I did get diarrhea the last two days that I was traveling but I know these supplements protected me from what COULD have been. Every time I took them I felt at ease.

  15. Ruth Rogge (verified owner)

    My husband and I took both travel supplements for our 3 week trip to India. We took it as directed and had absolutely no issues while we were overseas. A few people had some mild symptoms so I know there was a probability we would have too if we hadn’t had them. I used to have bowel issues at the start of trips after long flights and taking these supplements, I never missed a day! 30+ hours in transit and really strange foods. Thank you so much!

  16. Stephanie B

    I used the Travel Insurance as a parasite detox for my son and I when we found out we both had Blastocystis Hominis. We recently did our follow up stool test with Melissa and Dr. Jack and it was gone! Very thankful.

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