Studies Show Fluoride To Be Neurotoxic, Lower IQ In Children, Inhibits Thyroid Function

Are you still using fluoride toothpaste or whitening strips to whiten your teeth? You can use Activated Charcoal to whiten your teeth in as little as 8 days, without all the side effects that fluoride has to offer!

“Prolonged ingestion of Fluoride can cause significant damage to health and particularly to the central nervous system. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this serious problem and avoid the use of toothpaste and items that contain Fluoride, particularly in children as they are more susceptible to the toxic effects of Fluoride.” – Spanish Society of Neurology, 2011


I always thought that I had white teeth…until I started brushing my teeth with charcoal before I used tooth paste. What a difference!

As you can see, my teeth got quite a few shades whiter in just 8 days, and it only cost me $10 as opposed to $100+ from a dentist’s office.

AND I didn’t have to use a neuro-toxin to have my teeth whitened!









fluoride is poison

Why I Ditched Fluoride Toothpaste Forever Ago:

  • Fluoride induces changes in the brain and biochemistry that affect the neurological development & cognitive processes, such as learning and memory.
  • Fluoride is proven to be toxic at ingestion one part per million, and the effects are not immediate, as they can take 20 years or more to become evident.
  • Fluoride excess changes thyroid follicular morphology (production and secretion of thyroid hormones T4 & T3).
  • Fluoride was shown to inhibit growth significantly, as well as alter cortisol/sleep rhythm (known as HPT axis). All above indicated that fluoride could pose a great threat to thyroid endocrine system, thus detrimentally affected the normal function of thyroid
  • The Pineal gland is exceptionally susceptible to storing fluoride in it. Fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland. As we age, we have a longer exposure to Fluoride, so there is a higher accumulation in the pineal gland (aka “the third eye” which is the chakra center that is responsible for reaching higher consciousness) than in bone. The pineal gland also is responsible for secreting Melatonin, which helps us enter deep sleep.

black and white picture of sad girlFluoride Containing Antibiotics & Brain Derangement:

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the story I told about meeting a functional neurologist and his client who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The neurologist found that this patient was given 20+ doses of the antibiotic Cipro in her lifetime and she actually had fluoride poisoning!

(Cipro)floxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used for treating respiratory, urinary tract, gastrointestinal and abdominal infections. All fluoroquinoline antibotics contain fluoride.

These Are Fluoride Containing Antibiotics:

ciprofloxacin (Cipro), gemifloxacin (Factive), levofloxacin (Levaquin), moxifloxacin (Avelox), norfloxacin (Noroxin), and ofloxacin (Floxin).

A 2015 study stated:”repeated pharmacological doses of Cipro were found to induce neurological toxicity. Also, altered brain neurotransmitter levels and increased oxidative stress with depression-like and anxiety-like behaviors were observed only in the group receiving  50 mg/kg Cipro. There was a simultaneous decrease in the brain serotonin and GABA levels.” 5

  • Effects of Fluoride can take 20 years to become evident
  • Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, affecting melatonin production, sleep quality. Melatonin impairment is also found highly in those with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

Developmental Neurotoxicity of Fluoride In Children:

A Harvard study in 2012 found children who had high fluoride ingestion to have significantly lower IQ scores and cognitive function than the control group. They concluded that there are adverse effects of high fluoride exposure on a child’s neurodevelopment.9

Other Tooth Whitening & Tooth Care Products:

Liquid Iodine

brown small bottle of liquid iodine

  • Swish with iodine for 20 minutes and use it in your waterpik.8
  • Topical iodine plus fluoride tooth varnish found to be MORE effective than fluoride toothpaste alone (Tut & Milgrom, 2010).
  • This other study I found could infer that iodine would be more effective of dissolving microbial contamination and break down microbial biofilms in the mouth. Puttaiah et al., 2011 looked at the dental unit water systems that are used with dental patients. “They get contaminated with microbes and biofilms in weeks of being put into use. These biofilms contaminate the treatment water thereby putting patients and staff at risk of infection by predominantly gram-negative microbes.” Water systems treated with elemental iodine controlled biofilm and dental treatment water contamination.



Brushing Teeth With Charcoal/Charcoal Tooth Paste:

Other Benefits of Charcoal:

  • Very helpful for absorbing toxins from the stomach. If you ever ingest something toxic or get food poisoning – you could take 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal to help your body soak up everything and excrete it from your system.
  • Excellent to mix with bentonite clay & use as a face mask.  See my post on edible masks that you can create to help heal acne.
  • Absorbs mold toxins & aflatoxins in the body.
  • Absorbs alcohol in someone who has alcohol poisoning. You can administer a charcoal water enema.
  • Helpful if you have indigestion.
  • Reduced oxidative stress in those undergoing hemodialysis.

How To Brush Your Teeth With Charcoal:

  1. Open up one or two capsules over a small glass, such as a shot glass. It can get messy so do it over a sink as well.
  2. Wet your tooth brush a little bit
  3. Dip your tooth brush into the charcoal powder and brush your teeth accordingly. You can also squeeze your toothpaste over the toothbrush after you’ve dipped the charcoal in it as well.
  4. Brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse repeatedly until the water is clear.
  5. Charcoal is abrasive and although uncommon, it could irritate the gums if done it to excess. Do this charcoal 1x per day for 5 days/week or every other day. Take a break from using charcoal for 3-4 days  periodically.
  6. Make sure to take before and after pictures of your teeth so you can see your progress!

*If you choose to make charcoal a part of your daily regimen, make sure to take it on an empty stomach and at least 40-60 minutes away from your other supplements because it will absorb whatever came before it.

Holistic Dentist vs. Conventional Dentist

I’ve been to both and a dentist who understands functional medicine will tell you that mercury fillings DO off gas mercury and that fluoride IS a poison. Conventional dentists have told me that the filings don’t off gas when they’re drilling them into your teeth and fluoride is really important for protection of your enamel and it prevents cavities. Personally, I like to look at the research and the doctor who is keeping up with the research is the one who I would trust.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Updated: April 2, 2019


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