To Remain Peaceful & Grounded, Be Like A Mountain.

The great teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn once said, to understand and remember how to stay grounded no matter what happens on the outside, you must be like a mountain.

Picture a beautiful mountain, perhaps with a peak covered in snow. As you look at it, you can see that it has an inner core of constant peace and constant temperature, so that no matter what happens on the outside, the inside remains unchanged.

Now imagine that the seasons come and go. Summer comes with lightning, with storms, with flooding and fires, yet inside the mountain remains completely still, tranquil and calm. The summer becomes fall, with howling winds and leaves falling off the trees; then winter arrives with snow and freezing temperatures; and this too turns into spring, as the snows melt and avalanches occur. Yet, the inner core, the beautiful space deep within the mountain, is unaffected by any of these changing seasons.


We are like the mountain.

We do not have to let outside events rob us of our joy and harmony, no matter how strongly the storms rage, no matter how loudly the winds howl. We all have that inner core of calm and quiet. It is there whenever we need it or want it. By going inward, we can access its powerful healing presences. The mountain inside is perfect and so are we.

Envision now that tourists come to the mountain. They arrive and they all have opinions: This mountain is not as beautiful as ones that I have seen elsewhere. It’s too small, or too tall or too narrow, too wide. But the mountain does not care, because it knows that it is the ideal essence of mountain.

We once again are like that mountain. No matter what people say about us, no matter what criticisms of judgments they may offer up and call mirrors, we are already ideal and divine! We do not have to be affected by their opinions, even those who are close to us, such as friends or family. We are solid and grounded in the earth, like the mountain.

The words of others cannot rob us of our inner peace unless we give them power to do so. We know deep within our hearts that we are the perfect essence of a spiritual being.

Use this meditation to remind yourself and others of the magnificence that is you. Although at times we have forgotten this, we are already perfect. We have always been so. : )



Miracles Happen by Brian Weiss, M.D.


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Author: Melissa Mullin

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