Mommy Post! Amber Necklace For Teething Pains

Last month I went to visit family up in Burnsville, North Carolina. Let me just tell you about my cousin Natalie. Saying she is an amazing health warrior, is a gross understatement. She started her health journey when she discovered she had a corn allergy & just how many things actually contain corn (supplements, processed foods, gluten free products, etc).

This girl completed over 3 weeks of doing a Master Cleanse, while she cooked for two daughters and husband, she fully healed her thyroid from Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid. She is a fantastic cook who comes up with all kinds of healing recipes for auto-immune/vegan/paleo. She’s constantly up on all the latest research, always looking for new ways to heal and improve. (@NatalieNaturally)

Lilly looking unapologetic after devouring a dessert lol (and of course wearing her amber necklace.)

When I visited Natalie, I noticed her daughter Lilly was wearing a pretty amber necklace. She told me how while Lilly was teething she used this amber necklace instead of teething medication, and it worked perfectly. Amber naturally contains Succinic acid which is found in many things used to treat arthritis. Baltic Amber necklaces are even sold in pharmacies in many European & Asian countries. The succinic acid absorbs into the skin and reduces the pain.

Succinic acid is:

  1. anti-inflammatory,
  2. immune boosting,
  3. antioxidant-rich
  4. and calming and soothing


FDA issued a warning in 2010 and recalled in 2016 after 10 deaths, induced seizures & vomiting.

Amber necklaces are a much safer alternative to try for teething pains. In 2010, the FDA originally issued a safety alert that recommended against Hyland’s Teething Tablets based on laboratory results showing that they contained inconsistent amounts of belladonna. Since then, the agency has received more than 400 reports of adverse events linked to teething products that contain belladonna. In 2016, Hylands Teething Tablets were recalled because they contained varying amounts of of Belladonna. Belladonna is a part of the night shade family of plants & directly affects the parasympathetic nervous system. It has been used for centuries and is quite safe at a homeopathic dose. However, these teething tablets were found to contain inconsistent and varying amounts of Belladonna. There have been 10 deaths of babies, vomiting and seizures. Too much of ANYTHING can be harmful. The poison is in the dose.

Natalie’s second daughter actually had a grand-mal seizure in 2010 when she used these teething tablets. 6 months later is when the FDA had come out with the warning regarding the varying amounts of belladonna in these tablets.





Where To Buy Amber Necklaces:

Baltic Essentials is the company that I recommend for your toddlers teething necklace. Baltic Essentials states: “Necklaces are not for baby to chew on, the Amber & other stones releases microscopic amounts of oil, as it warms with the body’s natural temperature, that is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid (anti-fever, anti-inflammatory), the compound that gives Baltic Amber teething necklaces the therapeutic quality. **FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3** Teething Necklaces should be removed during naps and when unsupervised.

For teething – they all work GREAT. There is absolutely no difference in color or polish when it comes to teething. 99% of babies will see results in 30 minutes.


Another thing you can try to soothe your baby’s gums:


These little mesh things can hold frozen fruits or fresh, which can help with the teething pain. There is another one called Nuby Nibbler, which you can also find on Amazon.








If you have tried these amber necklaces with your child, i’d love to hear about your experience in the comments! 





Author: Melissa Mullin

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