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Thermography of breasts - 6/21/18 Pre rubbing frankincense oil on breasts.
Initial thermography on 6/20/18 showing inflammation, suspicious activity and fibrocystic breast tissue.
Thermography of breasts after use of frankincense oil. Reduced inflammation.
9/21/18 – Post 3 months of applying frankincense oil on breasts.


This person’s 1st thermography evidenced asymmetrical thermal patterns, inflammation, fibrocystic breast tissue and possible suspicious activity (suspicious activity is not good). It’s important to come back for the  3 month follow up after the initial baseline thermography because cancer cells double every 90 days.

At the 3 month follow up, her thermography was completely normal! What did she do to create such an improvement in such a short amount of time? She applied Frankincense Oil (also known as Boswellia sacra) every day to her breasts for  3 months time.

Upon posting this in Sept. many many women had shared their experience on what they used frankincense oil for. All ranging from:

  1. ovarian cysts
  2. ovarian tumor
  3. rubbing on the chest for a sore throat
  4. shrinking thyroid nodules
  5. rubbing over ovaries and having a normal pap smear for the first time in 8 years.

On, many studies have found frankincense oil to disrupt cancer cell signaling pathways in aggressive breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and bladder cancer. Frankincense oil was even featured as an adjunct treatment on The Truth About Cancer docu-series!


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