This Essential Oil Can Help Heal Breast Inflammation, Suppress Tumor Aggressiveness & Fibrocystic Breast Tissue

Frankincense Essential Oil

This person’s 1st thermography evidenced asymmetrical thermal patterns, inflammation, fibrocystic breast tissue and possible suspicious activity (suspicious activity is not good). It’s important to come back for the  3 month follow up after the initial baseline thermography because cancer cells double every 90 days.

At the 3 month follow up, her thermography was completely normal! What did she do to create such an improvement in such a short amount of time? She applied Frankincense Oil (also known as Bosweillia sacra) every day to her breasts for  3 months time.

Thermography of breasts - 6/21/18 Pre rubbing frankincense oil on breasts.
6/20/18  – Initial thermography showing inflammation, suspicious activity and fibrocystic breast tissue.
Thermography of breasts after use of frankincense oil. Reduced inflammation.
9/21/18 – Post 3 months of applying frankincense oil on breasts.









Frankincense represses breast cancer on a cellular level:

two halves of a grape fruit sitting next to each other, to symbolize breasts.

Suhail et al., 2011 conducted a study looking at frankincense oil and its effectiveness in inducing breast cancer cell apoptosis (cell death). They found that frankincense induced tumor cell apoptosis, suppressed the cellular network formation and development of breast cancer cells even in advanced breast cancer. This oil interrupts the signaling pathways and cell cycle regulation  of breast cancer cells.


Frankincense induces death to bladder cancer cells:
peeled half of an orange tangerine sitting on a counter.

Boswellic acid, the component in frankincense is known to have anti-cancer properties. Frank et al., 2009 observed that frankincense activated genes that are responsible for cell cycle functions such as growth, suppression and apoptosis  in human bladder cancer cells. They found that this oil can distinguish cancerous cells from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell ability to survive.


Frankincense induces pancreatic cancer cell death:

a hand of a person with a hospital bracelet

Ni et al., 2012 found that frankincense oil can also suppress pancreatic cancer cells, inducing apoptosis and suppressing tumor cell ability to function. They found it to be a useful alternative therapeutic agent for treating patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma, an aggressive cancer with poor prognosis.


Where to buy frankincense essential oil:

hands holding an essential oil bottle

You want to make sure its REAL and HIGH quality/Food grade…because whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body, there are a lot of fakes out there. The person I order mine from carries DoTerra. DoTerra or Young Living Oils are companies that I trust to have the highest quality. If you want to purchase Frankincense essential oil go to the website:





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Author: Melissa Mullin