Foods That Can Worsen Symptoms In Autistic Children

Wheat, Eggs & Dairy Can Worsen Symptoms in Autistic Children

I am a huge advocate of eliminating gluten from the diet. Especially for those suffering from a neurological disorder or cognitive issues.

Aristo Vojdani is the immunologist who developed the complex testing from Cyrex Labs. He conducted a very interesting study showing that the cerebellar proteins of the brain get mistaken for gliadin proteins (and other foods) by the immune system. The neurological symptoms and immune dysregulation can account for some of the neurological symptoms in children with autism.

Not only did wheat proteins cross-react with brain tissue, but so did milk and eggs. What are some of the “easiest” foods that parents give to their kids? Mac and Cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets. Exactly the worst foods for their guts and brain, wheat & dairy.

Purpose/Goal of study. Vojdani et al., 2004 conducted a control study to confirm the hypothesis that those with autism produce antibodies against Purkinje cells and gliadin antibodies. This molecular mimicry between wheat and cerebellar (brain) peptide may be a mechanism by which dietary peptides induce autoimmunity in autism.

Subjects: 50 autism patients (33 males and 17 females, 3-14 years old) and 50 healthy controls (matched for gender and age). Controls had no known A.I. disease and negative ANA Titers (autoimmune test).

Results: , Levels of wheat protein antibodies were calculated in the non-autistic group and the autistic group. 8 out of 50 (16%) of non-autistic had high wheat antibodies present. And the autistic group showed significantly elevated wheat antibodies in 42% !

Antibodies to corn and soy were <10%, where as milk and egg antibodies were recorded in 55.7% and 68% for eggs.

Conclusion:  Results of these studies further support dietary intervention, including a gluten and dairy-free


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Author: Melissa Mullin

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