Why America Doesn’t Trust the CDC Anymore: A timeline of events

The American people have lost trust in the CDC, which spawned a series of hilarious CDC memes.

The trust has been strained since the CDC announced they were changing the quarantine guidelines. It is no longer 14 days, now 5 days & even if you are still positive after 5 days, you’re free to become a member of society again if you don’t have a fever.

Trust has further been squashed after John Hopkins study in January 2022 found the Lockdown policy had virtually no effect on mortality (reduced death by 0.2%), was costly and didn’t work. Lockdown caused more harm by inducing loneliness, developmental impairments in babies and children, and skyrocketed unhealthy coping mechanisms in those with trauma & emotional disharmony.

The frequency of change, inconsistency, and seemingly ignoring aspects of immunology/studies in their recommendations has led people to scratch their heads and wonder what the hell is happening?

As studies have emerged and combined with common sense, it’s become evident that there are numerous modifiable factors that make a person more susceptible to severe COVID-19 disease. And perhaps, vaccination is not the *only* way.

An evolutionary timeline of the pandemic:

  • In Dec 2020 + 2021 the CDC incentivized vaccinations with free donuts, lottery tickets, guns, concert tickets.
  • They stated if you are vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask, you can stop social distancing and you do not get sick or pass the virus to other people.
  • They initially stated that even if you had prior infection, you STILL should get vaccinated. That is the only way. You don’t have immunity from a past infection, and we don’t even know how long the antibodies last.


  • Transcript from March 29, 2021  Rochelle Walensky – director of the CDC on the Rachel Maddow Show, stating vaccinated people do not carry the virus and do not get sick. That their clinical data is showing this (lie).



  • News article from June 1, 2021 showing guns were being offered as incentives for getting the vaccine.








  • News articles from June 25, 2021 displaying incentives of donuts, beer, cash for getting vaccinated. All things that do nothing to support an immune system to be able overcome a virus. 






  • October, November 2021 studies from peer reviewed journals are finding inconsistencies with what the CDC is telling the American people.
  • October 4, 2021: Vaccination derived antibodies are fading after 7 months.
  • October 5, 2021: Another study finds Pfizer vaccine effectiveness falls below 50% after only 5 months
  • November 10, 2021: France advises against Moderna vaccine for people under 30 years of age due to the fatal complications of myocarditis. “The risk is 5x more with Moderna” vax than pfizer vax.



  • The negative side effects that have come out with these vaccines are endless. I have too many studies to list but here are a few:
  • Journal of Hepatology in March 2022 found Moderna vaccine can cause hepatitis.
  • Journal of Andrology in September 2022 found that male fertility is “temporarily” impaired after Pfizer vaccine. It impaired semen motility, and caused low sperm count for 3 months after vaccination.
  • Remember in April 2021 when women were saying that their periods were messed up after getting vaccinated and the CDC/other health care professionals stated that’s not possible? The Journal of Open Med  in March 2022 found “50-60% of reproductive-age women who received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine reported menstrual cycle irregularities, regardless of the type of administered vaccine. The occurrence of menstrual irregularities seems to be ‘slightly’ higher (60-70%) after the second dose.”


  • In December 2021, President Biden told the American people that the unvaccinated were in for a winter of severe illness and death — and that we, and our families would be overrunning the hospitals. Scary thing to hear!
  • Thankfully, science to the rescue! In January 2022 Reuters found prior COVID infection was more protective than vaccination alone. But! It still didn’t change the vaccine recommendations.
  • July 19, 2022 NIH released a study that found the vaccine for Omicron variant is ineffective after 3 months.



  • February 2022 this study found that lockdown was an ineffective and costly policy. Only reducing mortality by 0.2%


  • Loneliness and social isolation have been widely studied. Research has found loneliness increases inflammation, makes your body produce more clotting factors, elevates blood pressure and is associated with cardiovascular disease & dementia. 
  • Loneliness makes people more likely to drink alcohol, smoke and emotional eat to fill the void and escape the emotional pain.
  • All the things one does not want when trying to make your body less likely to have severe COVID disease.

CDCs Decision To Close The Gyms:

  • Another thing a lot of people had problems with was closing the gyms, while simultaneously giving away donuts and beer to people for getting vaccinated….to protect their immune systems from the virus.
  • This August 2022 study found overweight people are “super spreaders” of COVID and Flu viruses.
  • This is because their immune systems are compromised from the inflammation of the excess fat. Their immune systems do not suppress viruses efficiently and have prolonged viral shedding. Only 3.4% of non-obese people infected 2 or more people, whereas 25% of Obese people infected 2 or more people. 


Where Does This Leave Us Now?

Here is the latest: Fauci announced his retirement in September 2022 and at the same time the CDC updated their guidelines about the vaccines:

CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person vaccination status because break through infections occur.

Persons who have had COVID-19 are not vaccinated but have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection.

Being up to date with vaccines provides a TRANSIENT PERIOD of increased protection against infection and transmission, although protection can wane over time.”


*As always, you should have full medical autonomy. Figure out what makes sense to you and always question the pros and cons of a medical decision. *



Author: Melissa Mullin

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  • Great refresher on the trail of CDC’s absurdities and ineptitude, which were so profuse, one begins to realize that they were intentional.

  • Excellent article, Melissa. I am seeing a lot of long COVID factors causing health problems in many people. As a mother of two teenagers, one of high school age, and one of College age, I can say that the lockdown and other factors from the pandemic have had a huge effect on not only learning gains, but certainly loneliness and lack of connection energy. Our community saw it’s first life lost by suicide, on our high school’s campus, and though I am not entitled to know the reasons why a beautiful intelligent high school senior with a family to go home to would end his life in the midst of his peers, I can only guess that a lot of kids have had a hard time keeping up with their academic successes and gains since March, 2020. 😢