Australian Study Details Disturbing Findings About ALL COVID Jabs & Boosters.

Australian study data finds Vaccines to cause more harm than protection & boosters to correlate with increased mortality, decreased immunity & higher viral load:


Opening Remarks:

“Never in Vaccine history have 57 leading scientists and policy
experts released a report questioning the safety and efficacy of a
vaccine [93]. They not only questioned the safety of the current
Covid-19 injections, but were calling for an immediate end to all
vaccination. Many doctors and scientists around the world have
voiced similar misgivings and warned of consequences due to
long-term side effects. Yet there is no discussion or even mention
of studies that do not follow the narrative on safety and efficacy of
Covid-19 vaccination.”

The following information is taken from a new study that was published out of Australia in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology in Sept 2022. It details all of the Covid Vaccine side effects data from the UK and Australia. It’s quite disturbing.  Full study here: covid19-vaccinesan-australian-review.pdf (

I tried posting this on my instagram @thehealthymelissa, but the app continuously closed itself out with every attempt. It would not allow me to.

This is still America, and so having free speech I will post the findings here:

When making a decision about any medical choice, in a perfect world, the doctor should be on top of the emerging research, the pros & cons. And certainly, should take into account the patients history, and whether it is in their best interest to do something. There should be no motivating factor of a financial incentive.

The patient should also carry a responsibility of doing what feels right for their body & make choices that best suit them.

Concluding Remarks:

“As scientists we put up hypotheses and test them using experiments.
If a hypothesis is proven to be true according to current knowledge
it might still change over time when new evidence comes to light.
Hence, sharing and accumulating knowledge is the most important
part of science. The question arises when and why this process
of science has been changed. No discussion of new knowledge
disputing the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines is allowed. Who
gave bureaucrats the means to destroy the fundaments of science
and tell scientists not to argue the science?”

Author: Melissa Mullin

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