A Little About Me

Hi there!

My name is Melissa. I am a nutritionist that practices Functional Medicine, so I understand the importance of having balance in your body, diet, and lifestyle. But it is also vital to have balance in your energy, mind, and spirit as well.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition in 2014, and am currently acquiring my Master’s degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. I have been working in a wellness center that practices Functional Medicine & Nutrition since 2011, so I am no stranger to imbalances in the body and what diseases can manifest from them.

I’ve created this blog because on a daily basis I meet people living an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether it’s a poor diet or poor attitude, none the less because of this they spend part of their lives unhappy and constantly getting ill. I will be sharing everything I know to ensure that my visitors have the best experience possible and are able to take away all sorts of new information that will help them transform their lives. So with that being said, make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can receive an email notification every time I put up a new post.

Until then good luck and happy trails!

All the best,

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