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Thermography: Detecting breast cancer many years earlier than Mammography

“Thermography measures the temperature of the breast and there is no need for any mechanical pressure or ionizing radiation.” – John Gofman, MD, nuclear physicist, & one of the worlds leading experts on radiation damage.

This is a comparison of my thermography’s done in 2008 and 2016. I’ve been doing thermography scans since I was 17 years old, never once have I had a mammogram. When I posted this photo on my instagram, this post alone got the attention of over 6,000 people. I was astounded at the number of people who had never even heard of thermography! Thermography’s been around for about 30+ years and has thousands of peer reviewed studies, proving its efficacy as a safe and effective screening tool.

Not only is thermography able to detect breast cancer  years earlier than mammography, but it can detect ANY inflammation in the body ANYWHERE. Inflammation is the beginning of disease and imbalance. Once we can identify the area of dysfunction, we can pin point how to heal it through functional medicine.

Mammograms squish and compress your breast, shooting radiation into the breast – which raises the risk of breast cancer by 1% for each mammogram that is had. With thermography, there is no compression or radiation – nothing touches you. It is a digital infrared camera that takes a picture of your body heat.

The reason why I can claim that Thermography IS early detection and ACTUALLY PREVENTATIVE is because cancer is detected when it has only multiplied to about 256 cells. Whereas with Mammography, cancer is detected at over 4 BILLION CANCER CELL. At this point, this is not even preventative. This is just telling you that you have a tumor.

Active breast cancer cells double every 90 days, causing inflammation, which is our body’s physiological response to this abnormal process. Our immune system has failed… from either an acidic environment caused by poor nutrition, too much estrogen, hormonal imbalance, or genetic pre-dispositions that are triggered by our own diet and lifestyles. Abnormal vascularity will begin in the breasts in order to feed, nourish, oxygenate and support the growing tumor. This all takes place at under 300 cancer cells. This is when thermography can see those changes that are taking place.
OR, you could do your typical conventional standardized “gold standard” tests, and wait until you have over 4 BILLION cancer cells in that tumor, when a mammogram will finally see it.

It’s important to realize that a negative mammogram cannot be equated with a clean bill of health. All a negative mammogram can tell you is that IF you do have cancer, it hasn’t grown large enough yet to be detected. This is particularly true for women with dense breast tissue. 49% of women have high breast tissue density, and mammography’s sensitivity for dense breasts is as low as 27 percent—meaning about 75 percent of dense-breasted women are at risk for a cancer being missed if they rely solely on mammography. Even with digital mammography, the sensitivity is still less than 60 percent. ” – Donna Tomey of Thermography First, LLC

Lymphatic Congestion:

Lymphatic congestion before & after lymphatic massage:

If you have tenderness and pain in the armpit area, you may have lymphatic congestion. The lymphatic system runs from your brain to your toes & is like your body’s sewage system. If you are congested, you are not ridding your body of toxins! This system requires movement to get the sewage circulating out of the body. When there is stagnation, there is congestion in the lymph nodes (such as in the groin, under arms and sides of the throat). Often times the tumors that are removed from breasts contain the same chemicals as in deodorants.

  • Chemical deodorants can contribute to congestion by clogging the pores with aluminum and other chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Ditch the chemical deodorant and go for a natural one. I use ‘MOVE’ by HealthJunkieJess @ (It’s not one of those deodorants that puts a pine scent over the sweat.)
  • Dry skin brushing can also help to move the lymphatic system
  • Lymphatic massage is amazing and can really help to clear up congestion within a few sessions. I recommend Fia –
  • Drinking half your body weight in ounces of pure water each day. Water helps your body to flush out toxins more easily.
  • Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system to move all the sewage and excrete it out. It also makes you sweat, which helps to release toxins.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is the most rare and deadly form of all breast cancers. Unfortunately, it is also still widely unknown of all breast cancers too.

Donna Tomey of Thermography First, LLC allowed me to repost this woman’s case:

“A client of mine last year had a rash on her breast and her doctor told her it was a bug bite that became infected, and gave her months of antibiotics. When it had not gotten any better, she came to me because she did not want to do a mammogram with the ‘infection’. Her breast was deformed from what she thought was the ‘breast infection’. She was already at Stage 4, and didn’t even know it.”

Donna explains that the first signs of IBC are:

  • Thickening or dimpling of the breast
  • Inversion of the nipple
  • A rash or bump on breast that will not go away or seems to be spreading
  • Swelling or change in the size of one or both breasts

There is usually NO palpable tumor with IBC. Can you imagine this woman doing a mammogram? Squeezing and compressing her completely inflammed breast?  IBC spreads and metastasizes like wild fire and will not be touched by doctor unless forced to do chemotherapy first. Thermography is the ONLY imaging modality that can see IBC in its most earliest stages.


Images of a client who had a stroke on the entire right side of her body. You can see the difference in both sides, the right side is clearly colder (blue/black, which in this client indicates nerve damage and peripheral circulatory disorder)

  • Stroke happens when the brain is deprived of blood. What carries the blood to the brain? The carotid artery. The carotid artery is the largest vessel that supplies blood to your brain. If there is inflammation/blockages, it can result in a stroke.
  • Thermography can show you inflammation in the carotid artery years before it becomes a stroke.

Inflammation in the Carotid Artery

This person has a huge risk factor for a stroke because of this inflammation in their carotid artery.

The Importance Of Returning For Your 3 Month Follow Up:

1st scan – ok

3 month follow up – abnormal changes occuring

After detoxing and supplementation, her thermography returning to normal.

This is precisely why you it is vital to return for your 3 month follow up. Because cancer cells double every 90 days! This woman thankfully did her 3 month follow up and was able to catch her abnormal/suspicious activity before it turned into cancer.

Oral Health & Heart Disease Connection:

This patient with a hypothermic asymmetry over the left lower chest has a history of coronary heart disease (CAD) . He also has an abscess at the upper left tooth.

  • Thousands upon thousands of studies have linked oral disease to systemic disease. Inflammation is a well known disease causing force, and gum disease and other oral diseases produce chronic low-grade inflammation in your body. According to Dr. Gery Curatola, a biological dentist:

“This inflammation has very, very deleterious effects on just about every major organ system – from Alzheimer’s to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes,” Dr. Curatola explains.

  • Gum disease can raise your risk of a fatal heart attack up to 10 times. According to Dr. Curatola, if you get a heart attack related to periodontal or gum disease, nine times out of 10, it will actually kill you.

Autoimmune/Immune Dysfunction:

The green circle just below the neck signals a good, balanced functioning immune system.

The blue/cool spot below the neck signals an immune imbalance or weakened immune system. Through blood work you would be able to tell exactly what it is.

Diabetic Neuropathy/Nerve Dysfunction:

Two different people with diabetes and diabetic nerve pain. The white and red spots are the most inflammed.


Ending Thoughts:

  1. Mammograms are NOT early detection, nor are they prevention. They are detection once you have a tumor. How many women do you know who gets their mammograms faithfully every year and then have the nasty surprise of  being diagnosed with breast cancer? How many women get their mammograms and it misses their cancer?
  2. Thermography sees the physiological process of cancer….inflammation, vascular changes, pattern changes, blood vessel development – which precede and support active tumor growth.
  3. Ditch the chemical deodorant !

To Find A Local Thermographer In Your Area: go to

If you are in South Florida: I recommend Donna Tomey @

Cellulite: It’s Not A Fat Problem, It’s a Fascia Problem!


Cellulite. Ripples. Dents. Cottage Cheese. Lumps. Sagging skin. The most loathed thing by all women! The common misconceptions are:

  1. Cellulite is genetic.
  2. Cellulite is just something that you have to accept having.
  3. Cellulite means you’re fat.

I’m here to tell you that you that it’s not FAT, it’s FASCIA!

Hello Everyone! Let me preface this by saying, none of the information that I am writing about in this post is my own. This is all from Ashley Black, the author of book “The Cellulite Myth.” I am in no way taking credit for the information, I am merely passing along the knowledge, that SO many people need to read!


What is Fascia? 

Fascia is your head to toe, fingertip to fingertip, surface to deep, connective tissue that attaches underneath the skin.  It both separates and connects muscles, organs, bones, veins and arteries. It runs around and penetrates your brain.

According to Ashley Black, the author of The Cellulite Myth and creator of the FasciaBlaster, “Fascia is a highly sophisticated system of cells that is spread throughout your entire body. It interplays with every system of the body – cardiovascular system, nervous system, circulatory system, muscular system, etc. Fascia is under, in between, and throughout everything.”

Women tend to have less supportive connective tissue than men in certain areas, such as the butt and thighs. When the tightly packed Collagen protein fibers of the fascia become distorted, fat deposits protrude through, and the weakened connective tissue fibers underneath the skin create a dimpled look in the skin. Thus, cellulite is born.

The Four Types Of Fascia

Each type of fascia will affect the appearance of your cellulite differently.

  1. Structural – This is the fascia that you see directly under the skin. It runs in long strips throughout the body.
  2. Interstructural – This layer runs throughout the structures of the body. It weaves through every structure, muscle, organ, and attaches to the bone.
  3. Visceral – This layer is housed in the abdominal cavity, protecting internal organs.
  4. Spinal – These layers of fascia surround the spinal column and can tighten just like fascia anywhere else. Traditionally broken down into dura mater, arachnoid mater, and pia mater. This one is basically a layer of fascia attached to a layer of fascia that’s attached to a layer of fascia.

“This image of 2 bed sheets represents how distortions in the fascia in one part of the body affect the whole.” – The Cellulite Myth, Ashley Black

If you pull on the bottom of the sheet, its going to affect the placement of the top edge of the sheet. Likewise, your cellulite and your back pain can be related.


Unhealthy Fascia vs. Healthy Fascia

When fascia is unhealthy, it forms Restrictions, Adhesions and Distortions (R.A.D).

  1. Restriction – is a place in the body where the fascia is tight and restricting blood flow, nerve activity, joint mobility, muscle access, or even organ function.
  2. Adhesion – is a place where fascia is stuck together and balled up, commonly referred to as a “knot.” Adhesions can cause restrictions.
  3. Distortion – is where the tissue is pulled out of shape or the body’s structure is distorted, such as with the appearance of cellulite. Or when a person has a knee that is turned in. The tight fascia is pulling and distorting the anatomy.

This is a scar on my forearm. It was deep and indented in my arm. After only using the FasciaBlaster for 1 week it is now completely flat, no longer a dent in my arm.


Consequences of Unhealthy Fascia:

The blood runs through the fascia. Therefore, if you have healthy fascia, you have proper blood flow and circulation. If you have unhealthy, distorted fascia, you have poor circulation and blood flow. You may have cold extremities often, in addition to the obvious cellulite or chronic pain.

Nerves also run through fascia, so if you have unhealthy fascia, the nerve signals can be impeded and the messages to and from the brain can be negatively affected.

The muscles and tendons are both covered and penetrated by fascia, so unhealthy fascia can inhibit the ability to contract, relax and stretch.

The spine and joints have fascia running all through and around them. The spine has all 4 types of fascia affecting it. So if the fascia is unhealthy, the joints and spine can be compressed, twisted or contorted (scoliosis).

The brain is COVERED in fascia. Unhealthy fascia can clamp down on our brains, causing headaches, brain fog and other symptoms.


Things That Can Impact Fascia:

  1. Poor Structure & Poor Biomechanics – your “structure” is the condition of your physical body. If you have a problem with your hip, you have a structural deficiency in your hip. If you have carpal tunnel, you have a structural deficiency in your forearms. If you have poor posture or discs out of place, you have structural malignancies. This will all cause you to move your body in a poor way. (To address this I would suggest finding a personal trainer who specializes in functional movements, proper posture, someone who is really going to go in to depth with you about posture and spend time with you. Not just some LA Fitness trainer.)  I recommend Alexander Vergara who owns and operates a gym/center where he does just that. You can reach him at – he also has an instagram account where you can check out his programs “MovementMasters_ “
  2. Dehydration – According to Ashley Black, the second greatest impact on the health of fascia is tissue hydration. Electrolyte balance is crucial. Hydration keeps the fascia functioning properly and is crucial to help you move without pain. (My personal rule is, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water.)
  3. Blood Flow – Cardiovascular exercises are at the top of the list for healthy blood flow. Ideally, elevating the heart to 135 – 170 bpm. Inactivity is a major killer and depresses all systems of the body as well as over all quality of life.

Okay, now that you have an understanding of the fascia system and what impacts the health or distortion of it, lets move on to the good stuff!


I Had Unhealthy Fascia So I Bought A FasciaBlaster!

Edit: I am writing this on July 2017. I debated on whether to post my progress pics because of the embarrassing before pictures…but hell, I am so proud of the after picture so whatever haha! This is Feb 4, 2017 – April 4, 2017 – June 4, 2017. I was embarrassed to post this at first because I hated my cellulite. I tried so many things to get rid of it – and it never budged significantly. I’ve been skinnier than I am right now with the same cellulite. So when I learned about the fascia /connective tissue being the cause of cellulite and NOT being fat I gave it a try. The results speak for themselves. Truly remarkable. I am not perfect, and I hope you can see that there is an answer out there…This is 4 months of continual blasting and exercise. I’ve always exercised but with minimal changes to cellulite….the fascia blaster is the only different thing I’ve done. I have the same diet.

Atleast 5 days per week I either get in a hot shower or go into the sauna at the gym and make sure my muscles are all warmed up. Warming your muscles up makes the fascia more pliable to manipulate with your FasciaBlaster, Ashley even sells her own oil that has Arnica in it to help with healing. I use coconut oil and rub the FasciaBlaster over the areas that I have cellulite or I feel pain or tightness. I do this for about 5 minutes. A word of caution, you will bruise when you do this. Crappy fascia will bruise more easily than not-so crappy fascia, but it still depends on how much pressure you apply. Just because you bruised in an area the 1st time you did it doesn’t mean you will bruise the 2nd time. My experience was, the 1st time I blasted my legs, holy mother of god, it looked like someone held me down and beat my legs LOL. But after 10 days the bruises faded and I continued blasting. (Side note: If you take vitamin C it will prevent you from bruising as easily as well.) And it was only my legs that bruised! Never anywhere else! That is my problem area, and where I have the most distorted or weak fascia. (Makes total sense).

Before and after using the FasciaBlaster. On the left I was exercising more regularly and not blasting. On the right, I had not consistently worked out but had been blasting every day for 1 month.

Sometimes its difficult for me to find consistent exercise, so that’s why I was so surprised to see such a difference in my body from simply using the FasciaBlaster. Here is my own experience with Fascia blasting:

  1. Significant reduction in cellulite on back of my legs, hips
  2. Lower abdominal “pooch” seriously flattened
  3. More muscle definition in my quads and abs, triceps, calves.
  4. Using it on my scalp every night, more hair growth – stimulation of blood flow to scalp = increased hair growth
  5. Less pain in my neck and traps, and still decreasing!
  6. My feet feel less cold, due to the increase in circulation.
  7. My indented scar in my forearm is completely flat

This is just what i’ve noticed in 1 month of using a FasciaBlaster!

This is the Mini FasciaBlaster that I have purchased.


I can certainly empathize with the person who exercises and eats well and just can’t get rid of that pesky cellulite in the same area that it’s been for years. It’s like WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO DOOOOOO?!?!  Well, here’s your answer: Buy a FasciaBlaster, buy the book “The Cellulite Myth.” It’s seriously life changing.  <<<<<>>>>>

Word of Caution: Ashley Black lists these contraindications on her website

“Can I use the FasciaBlaster® if I’m on blood thinners or have blood clots?

If someone is on blood thinners or has a history of blood clots we tell them it’s usually NOT safe for them – so please consult your doctor and be sure to get CLEARED with an ultrasound by a doctor before you try anything that enhances circulation like this! Even with the clearance from blood clots, our official position is that it’s not safe for you if you’ve had a history of blood clots, so it’s an “at your own risk” situation that you need to get approved by your doctor.

FasciaBlasting can be contraindicated for anyone who is taking blood thinners or has a history of blood clots because blood clots can be caught up in the fascia, so when you break up the fascial adhesions the blood clot can be released, which can be fatal. However, the FasciaBlaster® is perfectly safe for everyone else and does not CAUSE blood clots.”


If you check out Ashley Black’s website, you will find tutorials on how to blast properly, and how to flex, and answers to a lot more questions. She also has a facebook page where real people post their results and testimonials. She has a public instagram page as well. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as i’ve enjoyed writing it!!






Leaky Gut: How to test for it & How to heal it

Increased Intestinal Permeability, or “Leaky Gut,” is the name for when the tight junctions in your gut lining break apart and allow all kinds of food particles and antigens to cross through, that are normally too big to cross through your gut lining.

Why You Should Care About This:

In hundreds of peer reviewed studies, Leaky Gut has been linked to Cancer, Chronic Systemic Inflammation on a cellular level, Crohn’s Disease, development of Auto-Immune Diseases, Bowel and Intestinal Diseases, Parkinson’s Disease, Constipation, Food Sensitivities/Allergies, SIBO, Acid Reflux, Bloating…the list goes on.

Over 70 million people in the United States have Gut/Digestion issues. These can range from:

-Bloating after you eat a meal (No, bloating is not normal. You’re never supposed to feel bloated after you eat food.)
-Constipation (or alternating between diarrhea and constipation)
-Not going to the bathroom every day – yes you should go every single day.
-Ulcers or Gastritis
-Acid reflux / laryngopharyngeal reflux / GERD (all the same root cause)
-Excessive Belching after a meal
-Excessive Gas after you eat
-Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
-Food Sensitivites/Allergies
-Candida overgrowth or yeast infections

A lot of these gut issues that plague 70 million Americans seem to be similar to the issues that having Leaky Gut can cause. *BING* Lightbulb moment.

How The Immune System Works:

Oral tolerance is the state of local and systemic immune unresponsiveness to the foods you eat. Simply put, Oral Tolerance is like the super power your immune system has. This super power is to not react negatively react to what foods you put in your mouth.

When you have “lost” oral tolerance, this means that your immune system is severely dysregulated and you’re reacting to everything you’re eating. This can be evidenced by how many foods you react to on a food sensitivity test. If you react to almost everything, then the test is no longer a measure of what you can and can’t eat – it is a measure of oral tolerance.

Regulatory T Cells are the cells that determine what foods you are going to react to or not. When these guys become dysregulated, they begin reacting to almost everything that you eat and this contributes to leaky gut, creates more allergies, auto-immune issues, rashes, asthma, and over all lowered immune function against viruses and bacteria.

What Can Trigger An Immune Response To A Food?

For your immune system to not react to a food/antigen, it must be broken down to less than 5,000 Daltons. (A Dalton is a specific kind of measurement, such as an inch or millimeter that we use to describe distance. A Dalton is a measurement of a particle size.)
So, your food must be broken down by Hydrochloric acid that is in your stomach, and it must be broken down less than 5,000 Daltons. If it is not broken down that small, your immune system will send out cells that tag this food you just ate as a foreign invader. And then other cells come out and destroy this invader – which creates a cascade of inflammation and immune activation. This also creates a memory for any time in the future that you eat this specific food, your immune system will go out and attack it again. While your immune system is busy fighting off these foods, this leaves an opening for viruses and bacteria to sneak through the gates and wreak havoc. Your immune system is so busy with the food that it doesn’t see the viruses and bacteria as quickly. Boom, you get sick. You get cold sores often, you have a weaker functioning immune system.


How Can I Find Out If I Have Leaky Gut?

Above is a sample of a person’s leaky gut test, Green is negative. Yellow and Red mean Positive for antibodies and confirm that you have leaky gut. – This Lab tests for antibodies to different parts of your intestinal barrier as well as the bacterial endotoxin that is only present IF you have leaky gut. If you have any of the follow markers present, it indicates the breakdown of a healthy intestinal barrier, which allow the penetration of large antigenic molecules to travel where they should not be.

A little more detail on the anatomy of your gut lining: The gut is comprised of “The Actomyosin Network” which is a complex protein that regulates intestinal barrier function by maintaining the plasticity of tight junctions.
Zonulin is a protein that regulates the permeability of the intestines.
Occludin is part of the main component of proteins that holds together the tight junctions of your gut lining.
The zonulin and occuludin are supposed to allow the tight junctions of your gut lining to open and close to allow things to pass through. But the problem is when the tight junctions are broken open and remain open constantly.
Lipopolysaccharides are large molecules found in gram-negative bacteria. These are endotoxins, and they can elicit a strong immune response. If these are present in your leaky gut test, this means that these endotoxins have infiltrated through the gut barrier and are now circulating in your body.

What If I Do This Test & I Have Leaky Gut?

Congratulations! You have identified the areas where you are “leaking” and now can pin point how to heal!

The #1 thing that you should do if you have leaky gut or any sort of GI/Neurological issues is……..GET OFF OF GLUTEN AND DAIRY. (See my previous post on how gluten & dairy can contribute to neurological disorders.)

The University of Maryland’s Center for Celiac Research stated that “No one can properly digest gluten. We do not have the enzymes to break it down,”  “It all depends upon how well our intestinal walls close after we ingest it and how our immune system reacts to it.” His concern is that the gluten protein, which is abundant in the endosperm of barley, rye, and wheat kernels, is setting off an aberrant immune response.”

#1 It is vitally important you clean up your diet when you are trying to heal leaky gut. When you eat foods that you are sensitive to, the tight junctions of your gut lining break apart within 5 minutes after exposure. Stick to it, and don’t cheat, because you’re just cheating yourself out of health.

#2 Probiotics are essential to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. Everyone should be taking a probiotic – Ideally it should be one that is not cultured on Dairy. Kombucha is another source of probiotics, and any other fermented veggies.

#3 Prebiotics are the food for the probiotics.

#4 Aloe Vera. Aloe is extremely healing to your gut lining. It works instantly if you have a bout of acid reflux or gastritis. *Side note*: Acid reflux is caused because you do not have enough stomach acid to digest your foods – so your food is putrifying to digest itself. You actually need to take digestive enzymes, drink ACVinegar, Drink celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach to help rebuild your HCL. The stomach has an extremely acidic pH of 1-3. If you have reflux, your stomach is too alkaline.

I recommend Stockton Aloe 1 because it is organic, taken off of the leaf by hand instead of machine processed. When aloe is processed by machine it gets the skin in the mix and that is what can cause diarrhea.

#5 Collagen / Bone broth – Collagen hydrolysate is amazing for repairing mucosal linings, ligaments, tendons, hair, skin , nails. Also, bone broth is like liquid collagen. I recommend My Organic Juice to order the bone broth from. MOJ has the highest quality bones out there, grass fed and grass finished.

#6 Have an Attitude of Gratitude  Feeling happy, having a feeling of gratitude can increase regulatory T cell function. The opposite effect happens for depressed people.

#7 Vagal Nerve stimulation – In the brain, the Vagus Nerve helps control anxiety and depression. In the gut, it increases stomach acidity, digestive juices and  gut flow/motility.

Gargling with water for 5 minutes every day. The vagus nerve activates the in the back of the throat that allows you to gargle. Gargling contracts these muscles, which activates the vaguest nerve and stimulates the GI tract.

Stimulating your gag reflex with a tongue depressor. Start at the tip of your tongue and slowly inch the tongue depressor back towards your throat to facilitate a gag response.

#8 Vary Your Diet – Make sure you rotate your foods, meaning you do not eat the same thing every day. For example: if you eat eggs on Monday, you do not eat them again for 4 days later. Doing this will decrease your future development of more food sensitivities and allow your immune system to regulate its response to certain foods.

#9 Have Optimal Vitamin D Levels – In conventional medicine, the recommended vitamin D range is 20-50. In functional medicine, the range you want to be at for vitamin D is 70-80. Every cell in your body has receptors for vitamin D. Studies have shown that just by having adequate vitamin D levels you cut your risk for all kind of cancers by more than 50%. If you have an auto immune disease some functional medicine doctors could even recommend pushing your vitamin D levels a little greater than 80. Studies have also shown that having optimal levels of vitamin D make it easier for your body to shed fat. (Take 5,000 IUs per day, its a no brainer.)


Other Tests To Consider If You’re Just Not Convinced:

Array 3 – Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity

  • This test all 23 proteins that the wheat protein is comprised of. Most doctors only test 3-4 of these to see if a person has antibodies or a sensitivity to wheat/gluten. If those come back negative, “you’re fine.” This is the true way to test for a gluten sensitivity.

Array 4 – Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity

  • This tests all the foods and grains that commonly cross react with gluten. Meaning, they look similar to gluten to your immune system.

Array 10 – Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen

  • This is the ultimate food sensitivity test. Almost all other food sensitivity tests out there test only raw food proteins. Aristo Vojdani, the most incredibly brilliant immunologist who developed this lab, has found that when foods are cooked, it changes the structure of food. He discovered that people can react to cooked and raw foods differently. This tests for sensitivity to the following foods cooked and raw: Dairy, Eggs, Grains, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, Veggies, Fish, Seafood, Meats, Meat Glue, Herbs, Spices, Gums, Brewed Beverages and Additives.

You should check out their website and read about it for more information:


All of the supplements for healing leaky gut are available at Dr. Jack’s Wellness Center!

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